…too much business?

Went to see a client in early December 2017. ‘It’s a mess’ he said. ‘I am drowning in my own success!’ Always easier to look from the outside in of course but we managed to work through what was causing the issue.

There was no structured business plan going forward. Growth was a wish, nothing written. We changed that. A simple growth plan based around a Profit and Loss for the next 3 years. Something to measure the performance on a monthly basis.

Product lines and stock levels were reviewed along with profit margins.

Delivery and packing was changed and we got some part time packers in. That relieved a lot of stress for the client.

It reminded me of a golf or tennis lesson. When it’s all going wrong, coaches go back to basics. What position are your feet? How are you holding that club/racket? etc etc

Get help! It will save you money and even more importantly it will relive your stress levels which will make you more productive. It really is that simple.



Author: Biz Turnaround

Widely experienced in Sales and Marketing for Business. Specialising in Business development. My business experience is wide spanning over 30 years. Strategy and planning are highly important in todays business world. Opportunities are always there and with right strategy these can be achieved.

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