Tell a story

What sets you apart from a business that operates in the same area/trade as you?

I have been working with a client overseas and I notice that her Web site and Facebook profile does not have a story about her and the business.

A story as to why it matters to you the business owner. A story about why you love the business and what you can do for the customer. Show passion!

Talk about your product range and why you have selected these products.

I always buy from people in store or on-line whom I feel care about what they sell and do. It comes across digitally and in person every time.

Set yourself apart from the competition. Make yourself the site/store where it matters.

Author: Biz Turnaround

Widely experienced in Sales and Marketing for Business. Specialising in Business development. My business experience is wide spanning over 30 years. Strategy and planning are highly important in todays business world. Opportunities are always there and with right strategy these can be achieved.

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