Retail is changing

What I find amazing is that it has taken this long to finally weed out the dullest of shopping experiences that some of the retail chains have been offering.

Debenhams, C and A,Woolworths and House of Fraser departmental stores to name a few.I grew up with them as a youngster. But a recent trip to Debenhams made me realise just how old fashioned they really were.

I went to Macy’s departmental store in San Francisco earlier this year. It reminded me of Debenhams. So dull! Watch this space.

Retail has to be an experience! Exciting, a place with things to be going on to get the customers attention.

You never see the Apple store empty! Or the O2 store! Or Ikea…

Woolies and C and A and BHS have gone…We have many more casualties to come. Can think of 5 straight off.

The retail landscape in 5 years time will look very different. This is a revolution that we are going through and in 100 years time, kids will be taught about the Millennial tech revolution…

Author: Biz Turnaround

Widely experienced in Sales and Marketing for Business. I can assist you in turning your business around or moving to the next growth step. My business experience has been learnt at all levels. Looking from the outside in is always easier than looking from the inside out...

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