Retail is changing

What I find amazing is that it has taken this long to finally weed out the dullest of shopping experiences that some of the retail chains have been offering.

Debenhams, C and A,Woolworths and House of Fraser departmental stores to name a few.I grew up with them as a youngster. But a recent trip to Debenhams made me realise just how old fashioned they really were.

I went to Macy’s departmental store in San Francisco earlier this year. It reminded me of Debenhams. So dull! Watch this space.

Retail has to be an experience! Exciting, a place with things to be going on to get the customers attention.

You never see the Apple store empty! Or the O2 store! Or Ikea…

Woolies and C and A and BHS have gone…We have many more casualties to come. Can think of 5 straight off.

The retail landscape in 5 years time will look very different. This is a revolution that we are going through and in 100 years time, kids will be taught about the Millennial tech revolution…

Tell a story

What sets you apart from a business that operates in the same area/trade as you?

I have been working with a client overseas and I notice that her Web site and Facebook profile does not have a story about her and the business.

A story as to why it matters to you the business owner. A story about why you love the business and what you can do for the customer. Show passion!

Talk about your product range and why you have selected these products.

I always buy from people in store or on-line whom I feel care about what they sell and do. It comes across digitally and in person every time.

Set yourself apart from the competition. Make yourself the site/store where it matters.

…too much business?

Went to see a client in early December 2017. ‘It’s a mess’ he said. ‘I am drowning in my own success!’ Always easier to look from the outside in of course but we managed to work through what was causing the issue.

There was no structured business plan going forward. Growth was a wish, nothing written. We changed that. A simple growth plan based around a Profit and Loss for the next 3 years. Something to measure the performance on a monthly basis.

Product lines and stock levels were reviewed along with profit margins.

Delivery and packing was changed and we got some part time packers in. That relieved a lot of stress for the client.

It reminded me of a golf or tennis lesson. When it’s all going wrong, coaches go back to basics. What position are your feet? How are you holding that club/racket? etc etc

Get help! It will save you money and even more importantly it will relive your stress levels which will make you more productive. It really is that simple.