Business Facts

The world of business is a tough place . However if you have the drive and dedication and you do all the things you should be doing then, you can do it!
Take a look at these facts :

  1. ‘It has been scientifically proven that praise rather than criticism is the best way to help employees improve’.
  2. There’s a café in France which charges €7 for a coffee to rude customers and €1.40 to people who talk politely to staff.
  3. A Kodak engineer constructed the first digital camera in 1975. They didn’t want to go digital. They went bankrupt in 2012.
  4. Every year, Louis Vuitton burn all their unsold bags. They burn them in order to prevent them from being priced lower.
  5. More people start businesses because they want to, not because they need to …
  6. In 2014, 20% of SME’s in the UK were majority led by women. This is two percentage points higher than in 2012 and equates to around 1.1 million SME’s
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