Crowd Funding

Crowd Fund Update-August 2019

So much learnt over the past 6 months about crowd funding and how to pitch correctly to potential investors.!

Our pitch for ‘Motus Parkour’ was on ‘private live’ with Crowd Cube in July. However after receiving view points from all types of investors and after close discussion with Crowd Cube, we decided to halt the raise and go back and make our pitch stronger.


We did not want there to be any reasons as to why the raise would fail.

We spotted weakness in our campaign and therefore we decided to go back to the drawing board and gather more support before we re-pitch in the Autumn. Those early investors need to totally convinced to get them put money in and invest.

If you need advice as to how to get accepted on to a Crowd Funding platform for a raise, then please contact me.

Crowd Funding is for now. Take advantage of this as you never know what legislation may be introduced and make it a lot harder to raise capital in the future.