We can do it!

How could my services be of benefit to you ?

I have owned 3 businesses over the past 30 yrs. Like many business owners I have made some good decisions and some very bad ones!
Sold out too early,sold out later than I should have done and ignored advice.
I have learnt that it takes a lot of tenacity, planning and diversity to succeed.

I want to be able to pass on my experience to business owners of all types.

Whether you are a start-up or an ongoing business I could be of help to you.
Often a few small tweaks that have passed you the business owner by, can be enough to put you on track to success very quickly.

I recently did some work for a high turnover company that needed their sales team to be reviewed and refocused. We had great success in motivating the team and identifying goals.
They had lost their internal connection between each other and their plan going forward was vague.The team were playing as individuals. By establishing the individual strengths of each member we were able to get them back on track and get  the sales increasing.
Most importantly at a minimal cost to the directors…!

I am currently studying for my Level 7 Consultancy degree which is challenging but keeping me focused on the important detail that is needed with consultancy work.

I love business and all the challenges that go with it. Let me help you go forwards and turn your business around for the future…