About mentoring…

How does it work? We will arrange an initial meeting for an hour or so and then I will present to you how I think we can take your business forward together.

Business is my passion. I will work with you to achieve a result that will take your business, your passion to where you want it to be.

I have come across many different ‘Business Mentors‘ over the years with many charging ridiculously high fees. One particular ‘Franchised’ Business Coaching mentor springs to mind who charged 1000’s of pounds up front for advice. Interestingly he had never owned his own business.

I am a Business Mentor in the South East, East and West Sussex, Kent, London and Surrey

If you are in the UK or overseas then I can work with you via Skype for sessions from as little as one hour.

Give me a call or e mail me for more detail on how we could work together,


My passion!