How can my services be of benefit to your company ?

By Specialising in Business Development from every aspect!

The following attributes are vital for the Business Development Manager to possess:

1/Creative Skills

Constantly looking for new ways that existing business opportunities can be developed.

2/ Analytical skills

Examining and reviewing sales data to date. How much would need to be spent to achieve the desired goals.

3/ Communication skills

The BDM role is all about communication. The ability to work with all team members from accounts to directors, marketing and shop floor.

Bringing the team together must be the main priority of the BDM.

4/ Negotiation skills

Know how to negotiate and close a deal. This is vital. Being able to communicate with every type of customer at the level required for both the business that you represent and the business being sold to.

5/ Always be goal focussed

Meeting targets and being able to have a future vision. Being able to adapt to changing demands and unexpected opportunities in business.

6/ Organisational skills

Meeting tight deadlines and making sure that all aspects of the supply of the service or product on offer are in place.

‘I love business and all the challenges that go with it. Let me help you move forwards and turn your business around for the future’…

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