Questions for you…


  • Where is your future business coming from?
  • How can it be increased to the level that you need?
  • How often do you talk to your customers?
  • What loyalty schemes do you have?
  • How are your sales team reporting in to you and how are you measuring their performance?


  • Do you have a Marketing Plan in place?
  • How often do you review your plan and do you stick to it?
  • What Social Media are you using?
  • How often are you posting on Social Media?
  • Do you use Google effectively via an Organic search?
  • How are you measuring your social media?


  • Does your business plan need updating ?
  • How is your performance against your plan?
  • Are your required profit margins being achieved and if not do you know why not?
  • Are you taking longer than suppliers regular credit terms to pay invoices?


  • Are your accounts up to date?
  • What software are you using to do your accounts and does it integrate with your CMS/IT system?
  • Do you file your accounts on time?
  • Is your stock take regular and up to date?
  • Are you writing off old stock periodically?

The Owner

  • How is the relationship with you/your partners?
  • How did you get to where you are now?
  • What motivates you/drives you?
  • Do you really love what you do?
  • How do you see yourself/Business in 3 years time?
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