The art of Cold Calling…

The art of ‘COLD CALLING’

1/ Is Cold Calling an outdated practice?

2/ Can it still work in today’s digital world?

3/ Can you find the right Sales-personnel to successfully carry out this practice?

4/ Could it annoy your prospective accounts?

5/ Are the odds of getting a new customer this way ridiculously low?

The practice of Cold Calling in person on a prospective account will send shivers down many Sales representatives spines. I know this from my own experience. You can lose motivation very quickly following a string of rejections.

Recently, I have been working with a company and carrying out Cold Calls to get new business. They had not had much success in gaining new accounts in the area, so the direct approach was the way forwards.

I agree it’s not for everyone. For me, just one successful Cold Call in every 5 calls makes the whole day worthwhile.

Out of these 5 calls, you will usually get 2 x ‘Not today thanks’, 1 x ’Maybe’ and 2 x ‘Could be interested’…

On a good day, you may get a new client very quickly following your 1st visit. This is a great result!

Here are some tips on how to get new business from Cold Calling.

1/ Do some research on the companies that you want to do business with.

2/ Who are their current suppliers?

3/ Who is the person that you need to meet to get the business?

4/ Try to make a connection with the gatekeeper. Ask what their name is. Make a note of it. The next time you call on this company, speak to them and strike up a conversation. They can make or break as to whether you get to see the buyer or not.

5/ When are they in and on site and likely to be available?

6/ A phone call to the company should get you this information. Just ask the receptionist or ask for the person who could help you get this information.

7/ Try and keep all your visits in one area to minimise driving as you may have to return the same day to get hold of the person you need to see.

If you get to meet the person that you aimed to see, then you must do the following:

1/ Don’t sell anything on your 1st visit. Ask questions and listen.

2/ Can you find a service to offer them that they don’t have or is not being covered by their current supplier?

3/ Be open and honest, do not waffle BUT listen.

4/ What can your company do for them?

5/ How could you make life easier for them if they decide to use your services?

6/ Do not carry a briefcase. Just a business card and a small notepad in your pocket (with a pen to take details!)

7/ Ask if there is currently something that you could do for them?

 8/ Can you offer a quote on something that they may currently need?

 9/ Are there any requirements that they may have coming up in the very near future?

Follow up with a note of acknowledgement by e mail or preferably with a phone call the next day.

So, for me cold calling has been very successful and opened the door to some very important accounts. Done correctly, it still has a massive place in today’s business world.

Of course. I sometimes think twice as I walk into a new company’s reception. What can I offer them that they don’t already have? Will I get the big brush off?

It’s normal stuff and if you do not have these thoughts then you could come across as pushy and not a good listener. Not a good start.

There are many Sales representatives who will not make face to face calls as an initial way of getting new business.

Try it for yourself…Done correctly, it will get you more business.

Author: Biz Turnaround

Widely experienced in Sales and Marketing for Business. Specialising in Business development. My business experience is wide spanning over 30 years. Strategy and planning are highly important in todays business world. Opportunities are always there and with right strategy these can be achieved.

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