The ‘Sales Prevention Officer’

Have you got one in your company? I bet you have! I have met loads in my time in Sales and right now, I have one working close by in a business hat I am working with.

What department is your ‘SPO’ in?

He/She could be found in Sales or Accounts, or Marketing,Personnel or Distribution…

How do you spot your ‘SPO’?

Your ‘SPO’ could even be your Sales Manager!

They will do every thing they can to stop you or the company getting more sales. If your ‘SPO’ is customer facing, then they will be ‘by the book’ and often put off your potential customer for life if they get into a conversation with them.

If you are not on their list of ‘liked’ sales people then you may find that every sale is hard work to get through. Exhausting stuff.


Your ‘SPO’ will normally have a gripe with company.

Lack of promotion, a wage rise that hasn’t happened, their department is struggling to survive in a company reshuffle.

They think they are worth far more to the company than they are and the company could not run without them.

Their suggestions of change made to the directors have been ignored.

They do not like the direction that the company is moving toward. They can see far to much extra work coming their way. Life has been comfortable so far.


Tricky to deal with, but if you have spotted your ‘SPO’ you are halfway there already. Work with them, around them, do what you have to do to stop them getting near your customer.

I would love to hear your own stories. Drop me a line. (You don’t have to name them)

It’s a lot of fun spotting your very own ‘SPO’s!


Author: Biz Turnaround

Widely experienced in Sales and Marketing for Business. Specialising in Business development. My business experience is wide spanning over 30 years. Strategy and planning are highly important in todays business world. Opportunities are always there and with right strategy these can be achieved.

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